Antioxidants: The Anti-Cancer Cure-All?

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Antioxidants: The Anti-Cancer Cure-All?

Tasty fresh autumn berries in a rustic kitchen viewed from above in small taster dishes with whole ripe blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries

Want to know how to pique someone’s interest if you are talking about food or nutrition? Mention the word “antioxidant.” Seriously, it has some special power or something. Family and friends, ranging from my teenage sister to my best friend from college to my 80-year-old grandpa—each person has asked me a series of questions about antioxidants, such as common sources, health effects, and my general opinion of them.

This is a good article to get students motivated to learn more about nutrition facts. Have students research information to determine the value of antioxidants and their place in a balanced diet.

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