Lence Training Centre is работа strategically-housed in a renovated two 2-storey building consisting of Culinary, Baking and Food & Beverage facilities with 2 fully-equipped commercial kitchens and a comfortable Restaurant. Another exciting feature in Lence Training Centre is a Beauty Therapy Lab with up to date facilities to provide interactive training modules in beauty & facial makeup skills.

Besides the artfully-designed facilities which provide a conducive learning environment, Lence Training Centre also offers an in-house resource centre with free broadband internet connections, prayer rooms and student lounges, among others.

Professional training cannot be achieved without practical training facilities. At Lence Training Centre, training facilities are provided for all sections of hospitality ranging from a fully complemented kitchen to restaurant, housekeeping and beauty jobitel com therapy lab. Students will experience hands on skills training by expert coaches to understand and appreciate real world application.

Refer to our slides below to view facilities.