Beauty Therapist


Certificate in Beauty Therapist

Lence Training Center is completely aware of the challenges facing the beauty industry and has tailored a comprehensive programme that delivers complete Face and Body training to aspiring beauticians.In our interesting class sessions  you will improve your knowledge and skill in Beauty therapy, as well as expose yourself to a new culture by interacting with industry players. Lence Training Center’s Beauty Therapist lab is fully equipped with electronic machinery and other equipment providing candidate with the necessary tools to acquire industry relevant skills and knowledge. We aim to deliver a meaningful and all-round qualification which emphasizes a solid understanding of how the body works.

Lessons will focus on lots of activities, which includes mock and real life practices, role-playing sessions, understanding the science of facial and body therapy and a host of interesting skills needed to succeed in this profession.

This programme is delivered in accordance to the Ministry of Human Resource criteria, and Beauty Therapy Standard (U.K).

Facial Care Treatment
Eyebrow Shaping
Basic Make-Up
Manicure & Pedicure
Temporary Hair Lightening and Depilation
Safety Practices in Workplace
Standard Salon Practices
Professional Individual Practices
Customer Handling and Management
Organizational Structure
Managing Office and Retailing System
Workplace Culture and Ethics
Handling Problem and Crisis Management
*Preparatory and Basic Communication English

Course Duration:  12 months
Requirement:  Basic English
Award:  Lence Certificate, Malaysia Skills Certificate-Level 1

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