Hospitality in Cruise Management (Specialized in Culinary Arts)


Certificate in Hospitality In Cruise Management ( Specialized in Culinary Arts)

The Culinary Arts Certificate prepares the student for potential positions as food service qerators or business owners, cooks and potential chefs in restaurants, hotels, country clubs and other food service establishments. Students are trained in hands-on culinary and baking laboratories where the student will practice their skills in quality and quantity food preparation techniques.

The Culinary Arts Programme is intensive and crosses the academic disciplines. Beside Culinary Arts , our students learn the math of menus and portions, the geography of cuisine, the science of food preparation, the history of food, fake rolex and the business of restaurants operations and catering. All aspects of Culinary Arts, Pastry and Bakery skills introduce the joy of creativity and discovery exploring international concepts within an enjoyable and conducive environment.

Hospitality English
Interpersonal Skill
English Communication
Culinary Arts Fundamentals
Kitchen Practicals
 Food Appreciation + Specialized Cuisines
Industrial Attachment
Safety + Sanitation
Fundamental Nutrition
Basic Molecular Cuisine Development with lab work
Industry Visitation
*Preparatory and Basic Communication English

Course Duration: 10 months
Requirement: Basic English
Award: Lence Certificate